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Our Story

For 45 years, The Compass has made a name for itself across Phoenix and beyond as a local landmark, famous for its signature views, rotating floor, and deliciously varied menu. Our origins as a sophisticated cocktail lounge invited the attention of celebrities from Clint Eastwood to Liza Minnelli. As we’ve evolved over the years, the cocktail lounge has expanded into a full restaurant, drawing crowds from all over the city. Our unique locale has seen birthdays, baby showers, engagements and anniversaries; each celebration, a chance to connect with the local community and cement our position as Phoenix’s most esteemed rooftop restaurant.

Set the Stage

From birthdays to baby showers, what could be more iconic than setting your next event in the sky? Private events at The Compass offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy our one-of-a-kind atmosphere in cherished company, for groups of 20 or more. Toast to a milestone event or simply make an excuse to celebrate and reserve our restaurant for your next gathering.